About AjacksRemodeling.Pro

For over 10 years “Quality Results” has been the hallmark of Ajacks Home Improvement Inc.  We offer a variety of remodeling services from kitchens, baths, family rooms, basements and everything in between for inside your home.  We also offer decks, porches and more for the exterior of your home.  

Ajacks believes in using the best materials that we can find.  This entails things like using hi-tech composite materials and true professional grade products that always do a much better job.   We procure these materials almost exclusively from local suppliers and in almost every instance the quality is much higher, and the knowledge of their product and customer service is second to none at the same price of the big box stores.  Bottom line is the product belongs to you when we leave… always give your locals the first shot…you will never go wrong.

Ajacks is also unique in that we have a very well equipped shop in downtown Champaign.  This allows us to customize just about anything you might need to your project.  The list is endless.  Many items can be produced in a shop atmosphere more accurately and efficiently than in the field.

Your home is important and we do not lose site of that.  Your property is always protected during the process and our sites are cleaned up on a daily basis.  Customer service, value, and “Quality Results” are the hallmarks of  Ajacks Home Improvement Inc.  Let us prove it to you today!

Ajacks Home Improvement Inc.
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